One week sprint prototype for XRBootCamp

Duck, dodge, and dive under lasers to steal a jewel from a maximum security vault in your own room.

Sprint Objectives:

The goal of this sprint was to work with Meta's Hands SDK, and scene understanding to create an immersive XR experience that is tailored to the players physical space.

At the start the players physical space is anylized and a jewel podium is placed roughly in the center. When a difficulty mode is selected lasers are then placed around the player space to create a maze that the player must pass through.

Building on previous projects hand interactions I wanted to work with two handed interactions to make the game feel and behave more naturally. A player must use two hands to lift the jewel case and place it gently on the ground as well as two hands to lift the jewel.

To complete the game loop multiple difficulty levels are available that set the number of lasers, whether they move and rotate as well as the force needed to set off the alarm if the jewel case is bumped or dropped.

Sample clips

Jewel Heist

This was a project done as a one week prototype sprint for XRBootcamp. All models used were created and textured in blender. The prototype was build using unity 2022.3.1f1, and the Oculus interaction package as well as the Oculus Hands SDK.


Andrew Towl