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Imi A Loa'a

An interactive performance piece exploring place and time done for the Hawaii Theater for Youth and The Hawaii State Art Museum. The perforamce was broken into 4 spaces around St. Andrews Cathedral in down town Honolulu. My contributions focused around the museum and theater spaces.

The performance began in the theater space with a mix of live actors and augmented reality characters. Using the murals on the walls painted by Solomon inos various experiences were triggered relating to space, time, and Hawaiian culture. 

The Theater


The HTY cast and crew

Spearheaded by Eric Johnson and Moses Good


Non HTY Developers -

Andrew Towl

3D modeling, Texturing, Animation, Illustration, UI, UX, Programming, AR implementation and unity develpment

Danial Shatzeder

IOS and unity development, publication, UI, UX, video encoding, AR implementation

Tom Kesler

IOS and unity development

Jonathan Weinberger

IOS and unity development




The Museum

The museum portion of the piece used 4 sculptures in the Hawaii State art museums sculpture garden. encouraging attendents to observe different aspects of each piece and make choices on what they saw. The end result was an augmented reality sculpture they could then place temporarily in the garden. 

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