Choose your Weapon


Build your defences

Build your ice fort high and thick so pesky elves cant knock it over or blow it up. If they happen to leave you standing naked in the snow you can always duck, dodge, dive or run to keep out of the way, just be aware or your real world surroundings!

Team -

Andrew Towl

3D models, animation, AR implemention, programing, music, SFX, Graphics, UI, UX


It's all the madness of a north pole snowball fight without the runny noses, frozen fingers, and ice down your collar. Defend yourself from psycho elves and deranged snowmen in this augmented reality frozen showdown.

Watch the in-game test video then download the app on your favorite platform.

Just like real christmas, sometimes your presents suck. But you can make the best of it by shooting gold coins, gumdrops and candy canes to regain your health.