Flint and steam is a fast paced territory grab game centered around augmented reality battles. Think of it as a mix of risk and dodgeball, where risk is our geospatial loop and dodgeball is played in augmented reality, with cannons and without physical pain.


We've worked with Augmented Reality quite a bit, but never like this. We got a chance to enhance the real world and make things big, really big, forcing players to physically run if they wanted to dodge incoming cannon fire and collect their loot before it sank. 

HawaiiAR teamed up with three new developers and formed LandLubber Games for the competition. Together they built a steampunk pirate world like no other and are looking forward to bringing Flint & Steam to the masses in the near future. 


Andrew Towl

UI, Graphics, modeling, animation, VFX, sound design, music

Andy Cochrane

Server implementation and Geospatial development

Jordan Cambell

Gamification, Menu systems, server implementation

Darrin Valenzona

AR implementation, ammo menu, sound implementation

Daniel Tien

AR implementation, AR Development, VFX



Flint & Steam 

4th place, Honerable mention in Niantic's Beyond Reality Development contest 2019.

Flint & Steam immerses players in a world of steampunk pirates to battle for supremacy of the pirate guilds and build an empire.

Working with Niantic's Geospatial platform let us create a world that players could explore to sieze territory, search for treasure, and dominate with their guild to build an empire.