From far beyond the Oort cloud comes a circus like no other.

 Powered by imagination and steam, Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic-Auto Mechanical Circus blends Big-top tricks and Augmented Reality to bring you wonders from the outer edge of the universe. Inspired by encounters on his intergalactic search for the meaning of life, Dr. Dodgy and his machinations have crafted an experience to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike.

Be prepared when the rocketship Bucephalus touches down in your home town, by downloading the app and bringing your iPhone, Android or compatible device. For a full list of compatible devices visit Click Here.

Bring a friend and see circus in a whole new way.


“I think that Dr.Dodgy’s intergalactic show was funny, cool and awesome. I think it was very smart to use iPhones to see everything like asteroids rocket ships and even hear cool alien sounds.”

-Kamalu (age 9)

“I don't know how much farther you can take a street juggling act! Not only are you suspending balls & orbs in the air defying the power of gravity (& doing it superbly!) but NOW you've added hovering mechanisms & space crafts that actually fly at the audience!Oh it's a BIG SHOW for a Dodgy juggling maniac! See it.”

-Jeff Gere (Author, Storyteller, Puppeteer)

"We had the pleasure of having Andrew Towl as a guest on an episode of Design Talk Hawaii dedicated to the Oahu Fringe Festival. I was fascinated by his project “Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus”and had the opportunity to attend one of his performances during the festival. What a delight! As a lifelong theatre professional, I must admit to being a little wary of the involvement of mobile devices during a live performance. But in this particular case it was a fascinating enhancement of the interactive performance. Andrew is an inventive and charming performer. And while his juggling skills and stage persona are wonderfully entertaining in their own right, the addition of a 3-Dimensional augmented reality experience literally takes the show to new dimensions! I highly recommend you purchase a ticket, download the app, and pack your bags/phone for a colorful, vibrant, lively adventure worthy of Jules Verne!”

Miles Phillips, Producer – Design Talk Hawaii

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CLICK HERE to download a flier and try the app before the show!

Cast & Crew

Andrew Towl

Dr.Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus is a 55 minute Augmented Reality variety show suitable for all ages. Mixing old school vaudville with new age tech; juggling, magic, and audience participation will be enhanced with asteroids, robots, and other out of this world visiuals throught your phones. Certain aspects of the show will only be visible with a smart device and the free app, though you can enjoy the show without it.

With a camera built right into the software, this is the one show where you are encouraged to take pictures. So make sure you've got the latest updates, charge your battery before heading to the theater, and get ready to see the circus in a whole new way.

To see photos others have taken find us on facebook!

Andy Cochrane

CTO, Intergalactic hacking and code artistry!

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Dr.Dodgy at the Magic Leap Hackathon - Click Here

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Dr.Dodgy, Space based tomfoolery, 3d modeling and animation, choriography, funny noises and foley, master of throwing things and sometimes catching them, hasn't lost any fingers yet! Unity development ARDK impementation, original score, c# programming.

Dr.Dodgy flies again!

New show dates coming soon.

2nd Place Overall at the

San Francisco AT&T Hackathon with

Magic leap

Be Prepared! Download the app for your prefered platform:

The cross platform app is undergoing some much needed upgrades. Stay tuned!



Certain aspects of the performance can only be seen through your device, so check for updates and charge your battery before coming to the show!

Be sure that your device is mobile compatible as wireless may not be available in all performance spaces and an internet connection is necessary for the show.

What the Audience is Saying!

“Techutainment at its finest. My brain tingled from all the visual treats and my belly ached from all the laughing. This show does a great job of blending entertainment and technology into one ball of fun”

-Samantha Kimsey(CEO/Founder of Computational Thinkers)