One week sprint prototype for XRBootCamp

Use your hands to shape tools and interact with the bomb and disarm it before time runs out.

Sprint Objectives:

The goal of this sprint was to work with Meta's Hands SDK allowing for a more emiersive experience for the user.

Expanding on hand tracking, I wanted to work with hand poses allowing the player to choose different tools based on the hand pose they were using.

To emerse a player in an experience they need to feel as though they are actually effecting the visuals they see. So it was key to design interactions that made use of the tools they chose via hand poses.

To complete the game loop it was importent to set a goal and challange. So multiple difficulty levels changed the amount of time and number of objects a player had to remove to win.

Sample clips

Dont Cut the Red Wire

This was a project done as a one week prototype sprint for XRBootcamp. All models used were created and textured in blender. The prototype was build using unity 2022.3.1f1, and the Oculus interaction package as well as the Oculus Hands SDK.


Andrew Towl