One week prototype sprint for XRBootcamp

Use your hands to block and blast cubes positioned around your physical space and try not to get hit.

Sprint Objectives:

The goal of this sprint was to work with Meta's Hands SDK, spatial audio and scene understanding to create an immersive XR experience that is tailored to the players physical space.

At the start the application places sonic cubes around the players room. Putting 4 cubes on each pre determined wall. At random intervales each cube makes a sound alerting the player that it will start moving.

By makeing a finger guns hand gesture the player can shoot the cube before it hits them, or hold their palm up to make a shield to block incoming cubes. They must destroy all cubes to win the game and not get hit.

To complete the game loop it was importent to set a goal and challange. So multiple difficulty levels changed the speed of each cube, the amount of warning time before each cube started to move, and the number of times a player could use their shield.

Sample clips

Duck Duck BOOM!

This was a project done as a one week prototype sprint for XRBootcamp. All models used were created and textured in blender. The prototype was build using unity 2022.3.1f1, and the Oculus interaction package as well as the Oculus Hands SDK, and Oculus Spatial Audio SDK.


Andrew Towl