Entrant for Google's Geospatial Challange

Andy Cochrane

Onsite testing.

Jordan Campbell

Onsite testing.

Tom Shannon

Onsite testing. IOS Build.

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Concept, modeling, graphics, google geospatial integration, C#, Unity development android build and onsite testing.


Andrew Towl

Experience a coral reef on land and learn first hand the harms of coral bleaching.

Inspired by the plight of corals and their remotness and inexcessability we wanted to bring the reefs to the people. Google's Geospatial Challange was a great opertunity to give this a try.

From the desert of California I was able to model animate and place coral reefs at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, The Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu, and the San Bernardino County Museum.

Along with being able to tap and meet individual fish users can walk thorugh the larger than life reefs, feed the fish, and when ready see what happens to the reef when the corals are stressed to their limit.

Our hope is that this project can be expanded and used as a teaching tool in areas where people may not ever have the chance of experience a reef first hand.