Two week team sprint prototype for XRBootCamp

Talk to the spirits in your room to reveal the hidden history of their deaths and set them free.

Sprint Objectives:

The goal of this sprint was to work with a small team and incorperate Meta's Hands SDK, scene understanding, spataial audio, Oculus Voice SDK and AI, Wisper and Dalle-E

Players start their experience by talking into their walk-talkie to an AI paranormal investigator who tells them of the haunting in their physical space and how to investigate and set the trapped spirit free.

Once the investigation begins haunted paintings populate the users room. By speaking "are you here?" and using their EMF Meter they must find the haunted image. Then after reading the clue on their EMF Meter an AI generated image realated to the spirits death is revealed.

To complete the game loop the player is able to speak to the spirit once they have discovered all the hidden images. The spirit uses ChatGPT to respond to the player and tell the tail of their demise before they are set free.

Whisper and Oculus Voice SDK integration. System for understanding when a clue has been read from the EMF Reader. Voice to text and text to voice. Menu setup.

Yashwanth Munukoti

Miguel Lorenzo

Dall-e and ChatGPT integration. Music and Sound FX

Demo Playthrough

Are You Here?

Modeling and Texturing Oculus Hands SDK integration as well has hand poses to trigger audio recording for voice interaction. Spatial Audio setup and scene understanding for the distrobution of paintings on walls and table tops. Proximity system for the EMF reader to allow the player to track their next clue by the change of color on their EMF Meter. Particle systems and desove effects for paintings when a clue is read.


Andrew Towl