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HawaiiAR is the portfolio site of Andrew Towl. He is juggler turned game developer, avid Augmented Reality enthusiast, musician and artist. With a degree in fine arts and a background in visual communication and performance, he is constantly looking to push the bounds of Mixed Reality. Drawing on 10 years as a freelance illustrator he moved into game development in early 2016 and Augmented and Virtual Reality soon after. He recently finished his Masters in Art and Technology from the University of Oklahoma, with a focus on Augmented Reality, performance, entertainment and interactivity and is re-working his 2019 augmented realtiy performace Dr.Dodgy's Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus.


To date along with various teams he has won Best in Gaming and Storytelling at AT&T’s Entertainment App Hackathon 2018, Best over all AT&T’s Mixed Reality Hackathon 2019, 2nd Place overall at Magic Leaps Mixed Reality Competition 2018, and took Honorable Mention at Niantic’s 2019 Beyond Reality Competition. Most recently he and his team took Best in WebXR using 8thwall’s VPS(visual positioning system) at Niantic’s VPS World Tour LA 2022.

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Interested in an AR, XR, or VR project. Drop me a line.



Intergalactic CircusClick image to learn more

Napali Christmas

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Mobile Games

XR/VR Projects (Quest 2)

Dr.Dodgy's VR Symphonica GalacticaClick image to learn more


Blender - Unity - ARDK - ARFoundation - C# - Ableton 

 SubstancePainter - Adobe Suite - Zappar - XRToolkit



Poconos AirShow

As see on Poconos TV

AR implemenatation and Animation by hawaiiAR Models by Gabriel Almeida


Wally Winefest

As see on Poconos TV

AR implemenatation and Animation by hawaiiAR Models by Gabriel Almeida

Don't Cut The Red Wire

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Wings Of Pythagorum

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